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NAAC Reaccredited with 'A' Grade
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Department of Botany

      Botany was one of the science subjects introduced at the inception of the college in 1968 with a mission of imparting quality education in Life Sciences to students. During the last four decades the department has grown enormously in strength and diversity. The main objective of the department is to improve the quality of education and experimental study among the students who come mostly from rural areas of A.P. and other states especially North East. Majority of the students are poor, coming from backward areas with vernacular background.

      The Department believes in holistic approach to education, where the student-teacher relationship is one of nurtured and nurturing, so the faculty member also try to meet the students in an non-formal atmosphere more often so that the students can open up & hence create an atmosphere of friendliness and trust.

      The department established a Botanical Garden in the college premises to conserve the Biodiversity of the local flora. The Garden houses rare and endangered medicinal plants.

      To inculcate social responsibility and environmental consciousness among the students we has started an Ecoclub- “THE GREEN CHANNEL”. ACTIVITIES OF THE DEPARTMENT:

      To provide beyond the class room experiences regularly conducts various activities to expose the students to diverse areas of their subjects. Taking the student on Botanical tours to study the flora and fauna , horticulture shows, Ayurvedic melas, workshops, organizing essay writing, Elocution, Quiz competions etc are a few such activities.

      To create awareness among the public regarding the religious and medicinal significance and to develop environmental consciousness, the Department has launched a programme -PRERNA, where dclay idols of Ganesha and Ekavimshati patra (21 different varieties of leaves) were distributed posters and pamphlets depicting common name, botanical name of the 21 plants and their medicinal importance in two languages i.e. English and Telugu were also displayed & circulated. A Botanical Tour to Anantagiri Hill Forest was organized.

      Students were taken on a field visit to CIMAP on 28th July 2009.-Training cum certificate programme on “Mushroom Cultivation” was conducted by Department of Horticulture at Public Gardens, Nampally, Hyderabad.-Regular visits to the Horticulture, Nursery shows and Ayurvedic melas etc. are organized to create awareness among the students about some common plants that are medicinally and aromatically important.To Test the students acquaintance with recent trends and developments in the field of Science and Technology, Quiz, Essay writing and elocution competitions are held annually.To popularise "Recycle and Reuse" concept students are actively involved in the construction and maintainance of Vermicompost pits. Instead of using chemical fertilizers this organic manure is used for the plants in the campus regularly.

      Conducted Carbon Foot Print study (2010) of the A.V. College with the help of the staff.Medicinal Botany Herbarium was also developed.To bring out all round development in the students, they were allotted seminar topics and encouraged to express their thoughts and share knowledge with the fellow students.

      A one day Seminar “UDDIPAN” on Emerging Trends in Life Sciences. A 2-Day Intercollegiate Ecofest “Saving the Earth starts with You” was organized competitions in 10 categories like Rangoli, Poster Presentation, Art from Waste, Cartoon Drawing, Skit, Essay writing, Elocution, Quiz, Memory test, Best Quotes/ Slogan on various Environmental problems were held.

      A one workshop on medicinal plants –“Live the Herbal Way” was organized. Mr. Jayprakash Namburi, Founder of Green Planet Vision,spoke on the topic ‘Nature for all. Nourishment by all

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M.Sc., Ph.D., B.Ed, SLET

Asst.Professor & Head

Cytogenetics & Physiology




Ms.G. Haritha



Applied Taxonomy applied Anatomy




Mr.Y. Srinivas Reddy

M.Sc., B.Ed


Mycology and Plant Pathology