AV College of Arts,Science & Commerce
Affiliated To Osmania University
NAAC Reaccredited with 'A' Grade
Domalguda, Hyderabad -500 029
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The Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC) was established in the year 2005, in accordance with NAAC guidelines. It helps the Principal to develop, coordinate and monitor the various activities.

The Heads of Departments and teachers co-ordinate and plan their individual and departmental activities at the commencement of each Academic year. The Departmental Annual Plan including training requirements, proposed improvements, feedback etc. is sent to the Principal.
The different reports such as departmental annual reports, performance appraisal reports, self appraisal reports, college annual reports, directives from government etc. become the basis for developing, deploying and reviewing the institutions quality policy by the Principal and IQAC.
On the basis of various policies formulated, objectives are laid down and plans are made. A regular follow-up is maintained, thereby encouraging greater support and co-ordination.

The IQAC Hierarchy:

The institution has further developed policy and mechanisms of its own for the quality assurance. Our quality assurance policy works towards improving and maintaining the quality of education by identifying and suggesting new ways of strengthening the following four pillars of quality education.

Assessment of students: In addition to external university evaluation, internal evaluation on continuous basis is ensured at the Departmental level. The concerned Department is free to decide about the evaluation methods. IQAC only suggests the methodologies for improvement.
Quality assurance of teaching staff is largely ensured strictly by adhering to the affiliating University norms. Use of self-appraisal reports has been institutionalized. Awareness programmes on development of teaching skills are held.
Learning resources and student support: An attempt is made to adopt best practices like Earn while you Learn, Golden Hour, Saturday activities etc.

Communication System of IQAC: The IQAC meets every quarter to plan, direct, implement and evaluate the application of quality policies in the College.
The sub-committees dealing with various activities and departments implement the IQAC guidelines and report the feedback.
The College has prepared a Perspective Plan by taking into consideration the quality indicators of Criteria determined by NAAC.
Inputs from all stakeholders, their expectations, management policies, goals and objectives of the College are all considered as a base for formulation of the perspective plan.
Self-appraisal by teachers, introduction of teachers’ training programmes, faculty improvement programmes, encouragement to teachers for research are some of the measures taken for quality sustenance and enhancement as a strategy.